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#MindTheNow: Replenish Mindanao's colors and identity

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How do you react to the name "Mindanao"?

Oftentimes, people associate it with the quintessential "uncultured" man, apparently justified by the purported extreme rural and poverty. To others, it's the cry of the bullet as it pierces through innocent flesh. To us, Mindanao is not like that at all.

The word “Mindanao” has been tainted with many different prejudices and stereotypes. At present, many non-Mindanaoans (and maybe even some Mindanaoans) think that wars, terrorism, bombs, massacres, and the like are naturally a part of life in Mindanao. It has become our tag line, our identity.

Due to these stereotypes, people undermine and discriminate Mindanao as a whole. In effect, opportunities are lessened for all Mindanaoans. An increasing number of tourists would stop visiting Mindanao, consequently creating a huge loophole on the country’s tourist rate and economic status.

“Mind the Now: My Name is Mindanao and I am not a Terrorist” is a project which will focus on showcasing the allure of the “Mindanaoans” through different types of media in the process creating a new image for Mindanao which will all in all pave a way for the betterment of Mindanao.

If our campaign becomes successful, we can foresee a Mindanao with steadfast progress. If we are deprived of this opportunity, our Mindanao image will only be more tainted and we are denying the Mindanaoans the upturn that they deserve.

We need people, we need youwe need your voice to influence other people to start seeing the real Mindanao, for the Mindanao that it is right now. We have witnessed the power of one voice, what more can we do with the voices of the masses? Little by little, once more and more people spread and talk about the authentic beauty of Mindanao, this spirit of rejoice will manifest yielding rebirth well-deserved, for the people, for Mindanao.

The fate of Mindanao is in no more no less in the hands of whoever is reading this tiny manuscript.

Change starts with you.

Today: Mindanao is counting on you

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