Sex Workers Against ExploitationHub

Sex Workers Against ExploitationHub

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Shiloh Connor started this petition to Mindgeek and

An Excerpt from the Sex Worker Manifesto:

"Pornhub and the entire Mindgeek network as well as the other porn “tube sites” that use the same system have been engaging in dishonest, exploitative, and illegal practices for years.

Following very serious events that have recently come to light, we as representatives of producers, performers, sex workers and other workers within the adult entertainment industry, have decided to write this manifesto to raise public awareness and show an absolute rejection of Pornhub, Mindgeek and all other free porn tube sites.

Over the past several months, multiple cases of exploitation, rape, and trafficking of adults and minors on Pornhub have been exposed in the media by various media outlets and investigative journalists. We understand that these crimes are egregious and the victims of these crimes are worth fighting for.

We want to reiterate that we completely reject Pornhub and Mindgeek for its role in enabling and profiting from these horrific crimes of abuse and we do not want our work associated with this unethical company.

Although crimes against children are of the utmost priority, we want the public to know that we in the adult entertainment industry are also victims of industry monopolization by Mindgeek and content piracy by Pornhub and associated tube sites. We however have had enough and will no longer be subdued by the big Mindgeek “mafia” that destroys the image of our industry for their benefit, increasing the stigmatization and devaluation of the adult industry, and of all its workers in its various fields.

By analyzing and reviewing the way these porn tube platforms operate, it is clear that by providing “free” porn for consumers, they attract billions of visits to their sites, which in turn generates enormous profits for them through advertising; premium memberships; monetizing user data; the sale of videos created by users, performers, and small production companies; and commissions for diverting traffic to porn production sites in exchange for publishing content through their affiliate systems.”

MindGeek has exploited and abused sex workers since its inception, and now we have seeen the way they exploit children. By permitting child abuse materials on their website, Pornhub is actively profiting off of the rape and abuse of minors.

We the undersigned formally condemn and demand the shutdown of MindGeek and its subsidaries, and the funds gained from the company over the past 5 years be redistributed to all models, content producers, camgirls, showgirls, and victims of abuse/trafficking exploited by the company.

Enough Exploitation. Enough Greed. #DownWithExploitationHub #SexWorkersAgainstChildAbuse

Here is a list of  the crimes committed for which we seek justice:

-Rose Kalemba’s rape monetized by Pornhub

-14 yearold girl raped by her relative, dozens of videos of the incestuous abuse uploaded to PH by abuser

-50+ videos of a 15 year old being raped found on Pornhub

- Allowing uninhibited content piracy

- Offering users a platform to publish stolen content without effective controls.

- Not requiring identification from users who upload content, therefore facilitating the exploitation of minors.

- The abusive conditions that producers have to go through if they want to be promoted on the site

-The predatory Monopoly they hold over the porn industry

-The inescapable economic effects of that monopoly

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!