Allow Ben Davis an NS Deferment so he can complete his footballing stint with Fulham FC

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Being given a footballing stint with an international team is a big thing; a rare opportunity that does not come often and may path the way for one's future. 

Hence, I believe this decision to reject his appeal will have a heavy implication on our youth and the way they vision their future, especially those bent on pursuing a career in the local sports arena. 

Since Ben Davis has been granted that opportunity, it will be sad if he were to be denied this chance just because of NS. Besides, even on a national level, should he succeed, this will give our country a good standing and reputation for successfully breeding local talent to succeed in the international arena. 

Give them a chance to thrive, and have faith that they will contribute back to their nation as promised.

Hence I (and the rest of us signing this petition) hope to have the decision reviewed and hopefully granted so Ben Davis can be given this opportunity to take up the Fulham FC offer, and then come back to serve his nation and country after. This opportunity is too precious for him, and I can only imagine how hard it would be for me to accept it if I were in his shoes. Because I firmly believe this opportunity could just be this budding youth's beginning to perform and bring glory at the international stage.