Allow Ms. Potigian to Bring Tonks to School

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Under complaint, our teacher Ms. Potigian was forced to leave her dog, Tonks,  at home.  As a student, I hope to show overwhelming support on the importance of having Tonks in our classroom environment.  With Tonks having already been at the school for several months and benefitting students, it has shocked many students that the administration has made the change.

My name is Grant Hall, and as a student at Minarets, I was concerned by the unprovoked injunction.  Taking a large AP Class load and being heavily involved in extracurricular activities, I often find myself tensed and mind racing.  Immediately after the introduction of Tonks into our classroom environment, I began finding myself relaxed and more receptive towards the tasks in front of me.  It was because of these experiences and my studies in AP Government Policy, that I took the initiative take a stand and hope you will join in with us.

Removing this directive provides opportunity for classroom development.  Many students have praised the emotional benefits of having an animal in the classroom.  Tonk's mere presence adds a new level of comfort for students. In addition this classroom companion has in no way made a verbal distraction, and is often found sleeping near a student.  Education World says, "Dogs in the classroom can be used to calm fears, relieve anxiety, and teach skills." Yet despite all of these gains this classroom beneficiary is being oppressed.  With your signature we can help end this selective mandate and foster student success! Join us on Twitter and Facebook and show your support #FreeTonks2K15

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