Provide a shelter for Under 18 who need Urgent Help in every city in Japan 各市町村に子供の逃げ場を!

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There are children who cannot stay home for today.

It doesn’t mean like they don’t have house, but they cannot go back home, or cannot stay there.

There are various reasons.

Because they are abused, because they are neglected, or maybe because their parents have a big fight.


My best friend was one of them who suffered from physical and mental abuse from her mother since little.

However, the abuse didn’t happen every day.

Sometimes her mother was kind to her depends on the day, or there were many days that she could spend peacefully,

That’s why, she didn’t recognize what she was done by her mother (violence, violent language) was “children abuse.”

The time I met her was when we were in high school.

She was still suffered from abused, and it seemed like very furious.

However, because she didn’t know from what extent we can say “abuse,” or whether what she faced was really “abuse” or not, she just tried to believe that what she faced happened to many people, and not a special thing.

That’s why she didn’t go orphanages or children’s house.


Meanwhile, there were days she couldn’t go home.

Sometimes, she felt afraid of going back home because she didn’t know what will be done by her mother.

Sometimes, she tried to escape from her house because she faced too much violence.

Sometimes, she was kicked out of the house at midnight.

However, the only place she could stay at night was her home.

There was no option for her but go back home.

How tough the situation was, how much she felt near to death, even if she was kicked out, she has to stay at home and bare the abuse.

She also asked child consultation center to help, but they just said “ be adult” to her and didn’t take the situation seriously.


They cannot go home though they want to. They cannot stay at home though they want.

What should those children do?

In Japan, children under 18(under high school student) usually cannot go out in midnight, or guided by polices.

Therefore, they cannot go to any restaurants or shops to pass a night.

Above all, it is too dangerous for them to go out and spend a night.


These days, “children shelter” has been opened for those children in some part in Japan.

However, the number is very few, and most children don’t know about it.The location isn’t opened to the public as well.



“Safe place where any children can go freely and anytime” “Safe sanctuary that children can escape from the matters”

Those places are needed for children under 18 in Japan.

There is no mean if those places are far from them.

At least 1 in every cities.

Please support this idea to open this safe place for children in every cities.