We are not in a position to live due to foul smell& mosquitos around Ambeer lake(Pragathi)

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The Hon’ble Minister,
Ministry of Municipal Administration & Urban Development,IT.
Telangana State, Hyderabad, India.

Respected Sir,

Sub: Mosquito and foul smell  problem due to Pollution of Ambeer Tank,Hydernagar, Kukatpally Mandal, falling under Sherilingampalli assembly Constituency – STP request –reg.

We are very thankful to you that in spite of your busy schedule for taking your valuable time in visiting Ambeer lake on terrible heat day 22nd April,2017 and assurance to get approval Rs 30 Crores to our subject request.

Next day to your visit, HMWS&SB  MD Shri Daana Kishore and GHMC commissioner Dr.B.Janardhan Reddy along with local Legislative Members Shri KP Vivekanand, Shri Arekupudi Gandhi, MP Shri Ch.Malla Reddy and MLC Shri Shambhipur Raju visited the lake and understood the severity of problem upon  discussion with Pragathinagar  grampanchayat delegates  and Hydernagar division delegates.

The Ambeer lake is quite big and located in JNTU-Pragathi Nagar Road, Kukatpally in Hydernagar, Sherilingampalli assembly constituency. The tank is full of water on all 365 days and this water is mix of storm and sewerage. Whenever the rain occurs the pure water is getting drained immediately. The left-out water is nothing but sewerage water collected from surrounding colonies. The unmarked and undeveloped buffer zone of Ambeer Tank has become dump yard all around the tank. Surrounding colonies are pushing sewerage waste into the tank. It is spreading bad smell, mosquitoes and insects around all colonies of the tank. The fertile inputs like human waste and garbage water has become rich manure for development of Weed and hyacinth. These plants have become safe nest and accompanied by required food from garbage etc. to mosquitoes and other insects which are hundredfold hazardous to human health. This is continuing in all seasons. Even in peak summer also mosquito growth was high. The usual contagious deceases spread by these insects has become a major threat in the nearby localities. Moreover, the sleeping time is also reduced with disturbance of mosquitoes and insects.  All the people living in the surrounding colonies are suffering seriously because of this. Their right of hygienic living is hampered only because of poor maintenance of the tank.

Pragathinagar team made best efforts in the removal of weed twice with pooled money from residents and now enzyme treatment again which is giving better results but not able to continue the same due to financial limitations.

We have been hearing for the past 4 months that the drainage diversion project is sanctioned under Urban Mission Kakatiya phase-1 and called for tenders.

We, therefore, request your kind initiation on the matter-

1)       to direct GHMC to include Ambeer lake in the annual maintenance contract for controlling weed, mosquitoes and foul smell

2)     Decomposed weed present next to our apartment compound  which is attributing for the unbearable foul smell to be shifted to an appropriate place

3)      To expedite the drainage diversion project execution.

4)       To build up decentralized STPs in downstream and upstream of lake.


Thanking you sir,

Ramesh Babu M
The Nest Resident's welfare association.
Srinivasa colony, Hydernagar, Kukatpalli Mandal