Reopen All Milwaukee Public Schools!

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Since March 16, 2020, Milwaukee Public Schools have been closed. The closing was understandable since the threat imposed by COVID-19 was immeasurable. Nobody knew how deadly the virus was. However, as the months went by, data have shown that children between the age group of 0 - 18 years of age had the least number of fatalities compared to older age groups. In Wisconsin, the age group between 0-18 years of age had suffered no deaths which mean that the threat to COVID-19 is almost nonexistent when it comes to schoolchildren.

Online schooling has imposed many challenges to the students of Milwaukee Public Schools. Many have struggle with learning the topics and keeping up with assignments. This is due to teachers not knowing how to use technology. The lack of understanding for technology has made it hard for teachers to help/understand students. Another problem with online schooling is that it doesn't cater to the people who learns hand-on. Many students can only learn when there is teacher giving a lecture on the notes for that specific class.

These problems will affect us for years to come. These problems will lead to a lack of understanding in certain school topics and make it hard for us to continue to secondary school/ post-secondary school. These problems will also affect us when we're trying to employ for a job. The employers will not hire us due to our lack of education which is understandable. Lastly, these problems will also affect the economy. The lack of people capable for jobs will cause prices of commodities to go up which will hurt all of us financially.

Now I know the worries that many of you may have. What about our parents or the teachers? With enough cleaning and extensive enforcement of mask mandate, I believe that contracting COVID-19 will be kept to the minimal. Again,we have to keep in mind that the virus is only really fatal among people with pre-existing conditions. Teachers who are considered vulnerable to the disease do not have to teach. Parents will not able to contract the disease if the mask mandate is enforced and the school is thoroughly cleaned.

Please, Superintendent Dr. Keith P. Posley, reopen up schools. The students are struggling and the parents are too. We do no want to see our community fail. Many have worked hard before this pandemic and to see a avoidable problem like online learning hindering it is just preposterous.