Petition Update

FOX News misleads Milwaukee viewers (surprise)!

SlutWalk Milwaukee

Nov 28, 2011 — I would like point out the serious issues of this story. The "reporter" says the petition is misleading, and then proves that it is not. Froedert won't treat sexual assault victims. Wheaton and Colombia will if you are severely injured, otherwise they send you to SATC. If they treat you, they are untrained to do so. The head of SATC says we need to keep things as is because only SATC can do the tough job working with victims. So, either they get sent away to SATC or, in some cases, if they are so injured that cannot be moved people who are not trained will care for them. That's okay?
Over 60% of victims do not report. This situation makes that more likely to happen.
Sexual assault survivors deserve better!!!!
Additionally FOX interviewed Jacqueline Callari-Robinson, a SANE nurse and the SANE Coordinator for the state. Jacqui supports this petition whole-heartedly and yet her interview wasn't included.