We DO NOT support the South East MK development!

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We the undersigned support our ward Councillors; Alice Jenkins, David Hopkins and Victoria Hopkins in strongly objecting to the South East Milton Keynes Strategic Urban Extension as an allocation within Plan:MK. 

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The proposed allocation covers an area of land approximately 210 hectares in size encompassed by Tilbrook, Browns Wood, Old Farm Park and Wavendon to the North, Woburn Sands to the East, the Green Sands Ridge to the South, and Bow Brickhill to the West.

The allocation within Plan:MK, under Policy SD13, allocates the land for around 3,000 homes, 7 Gypsy and Traveller pitches, and a range of social and green infrastructure provision spreading from.

We believe this is an inappropriate area for development, with large growth plans already moving ahead in the vicinity and this will yet again fundamentally change the nature of our local community.

Workshops and discussions took place in 2018 with “Danesborough Forum and other local civic groups” however many residents are only now gaining insight into what lies ahead.

This level of development cannot continue. The things that have made Milton Keynes an attractive place to live and bring up families is being eroded by constant development. This development of our treasured green spaces creates housing that the government has committed to producing but it’s at OUR cost.

With an already struggling infrastructure, more pressure on our surgeries, schools, roads etc could only have a detrimental effect on all of our lives. We will effectively be paying more for less, our choices diminished.

Please join us and sign to have your voice heard.