Save Mills Dance Major

Mills Dance Program changed my life and revealed to me my worth as a woman and an artist. We danced on sacred ground at Mills everywhere we performed. Some of the most important pioneers of Modern Dance came to Mills to educate dancers and we must keep this historical Program alive and flourishing for future generations. From a book of thousands of colleges to choose from, I chose Mills and became the educator I am today because of it. I chose it because of its history and the personal attention the school gave to its students. Closing a program of this significance means more than just losing another dance program to allow for more lucrative pursuits. It fosters the weakening of the stature of the art of dance among the art forms. Losing Mills College Dance Program would be an incredibly hard blow to the dance world and I hope not to be in mourning for the rest of my life. Mills changed my life and I, in turn have changed and continue to change the lives of others with the knowledge and experience I've gained from being a Mills alum.

Dana Brewer-Plazinic, Covington, LA, United States
5 years ago
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