Main Street Small Business demand they be first in line for government assistance.

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It is unfair to the millions of small "Main Street" small businesses around the country that have not received any loan funds from the PPP or EIDL while large corporations have. Ruth Chris Steakhouse and Potbelly Sandwich shop that are publicly traded companies with thousands of employees and not the target of these loans and have received over 20 million dollars while locally owned business have gotten NOTHING. Ask yourself, do you want your local restaurant in the town you live in to go under? These are the businesses that support the community events and donate to local charities and help make for a vibrant and thriving town. We can't live without them but certainly can live without an overpriced steakhouse or unhealthy sandwich shop that is known to treat their employees with low wages and horrible working conditions. Join us in committing to boycott them until they return the money and take on their business dealing with company shareholders and not the federal government funds which are paid for with our heart earned tax dollars.