Million Dollar Sabbath Challenge For Pope Francis

Million Dollar Sabbath Challenge For Pope Francis

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Many individuals today are confused about or wholly ignorant of one of God’s commandments and are therefore in violation of it. This is the fourth commandment, the Sabbath Commandment found in Exodus 20:8-11, the commandment most controverted. As a result of some clergymen preaching and teaching that the seventh-day Sabbath was changed from the seventh day of the week to the first, and others urging that the keeping of the Sabbath was done away at the cross, many individuals are trapped in deception and are preparing themselves to receive other principles promulgated by their religious leaders even if they are unsubstantiated from the Word of God.

By extending the Million Dollar Sabbath Challenge to Pope Francis, our goals are to:

1. Extend the opportunity to Pope Francis or anyone else to prove from the Bible and the Bible only that the seventh-day Sabbath has been changed to the first day of the week 

2. Bring awareness to the fact that church leaders have been holding people in darkness and tradition to the utter disregard of the pure words of scripture, using the Sabbath issue as an example

3. Show individuals of all classes that they can interpret the scriptures through the Holy Spirit while allowing the Bible to be its own expositor and not feel that Bible knowledge is reserved solely to the clergy

4. To continue the Protestant Reformation!

If you haven't already done so, please take the opportunity to visit our website, where you will find our open letter to Pope Francis and his personal secretaries along with other resources on the Sabbath truth.

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