Give a transgender actor a chance at a movie role

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Acting is a tough career, especially for minority groups. Millie Tom, casting director of upcoming film Rub & Tug, has recently cast A list movie star Scarlett Johansson in a role she is not remotely fit to fill. The role is that of a transgender male, meaning a person born female who has transitioned to fit the male identity. Scarlett Johansson is, obviously, not a transgender male. Tom Phelan, Elliot Fletcher, Ian Harvie, Chaz Bono, and Ian Alexander are just a few transgender actors who could fill this role. This petition will be forwarded to Millie Tom, casting director of the film, Soo Lyu, director of the film, and Scarlett Johansson herself. Film is a tough industry for anyone to get into and being in an obvious minority does not make it any easier. Please help us create this change and more opportunities in the future.