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Millie Bobby Brown come in Paris ��

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Hi ! I am French and I would like to make a request to Millie and I need you French fans, we must organize an event in France please we have never had a meet up in France or Florence by mills event . we are a lot of French fans so I hope you will see this Millie ! we want you to try to organize an event in Paris, we all want to meet you but we have never had the chance to have an event in Paris with you i hope you'll see Millie and you french fans like it , share this petition with your friends !! Please don’t ignore even if you are not french ,  Millie will see it maybe and can organize something I need you for that otherwise I could not do that with 4 people !!!! We want meet you mills , love u and look my bio I have made a petition go sign guys is important if you want mills come in France , I hope she will see it ! 

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