Akran zorbalığını beraber durduralım/ stop peer bullying together

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Herkese merhaba benim çözmek istediğim sorun AKRAN ZORBALIĞI. Bu konunun üzerinde duruyorum çünkü sizlerin bana destek olacağına ve dünyamızın daha güzel bir yer olacağına inanıyorum.

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My name is Zeynep an i am living in İstanbul. I am 12 years old. I want to talk about Peer Bullying. Do you know this. have you ever heard Peer Bullying before.

In fact, we see this everyday around of us, in our school, in our neighborhood, in our district we live. Moreover, i believe that most of us faced peer bullying in the past or now.

All right, What is Peer Bullying? "Bullying" is used synonym of violence and aggressiveness today and spread of all cultures in the world as an international concept. "Bullying" is a widespread fact which consists of physical, verbal and social damage to a feeble one. It is a kind of violence and can be defined as incapability of someone to a person or more than one person's violence. Bullying can be classified as follows: psychological and emotional (a gossip or exclusion etc.), verbal (get a nickname, impose constraints, intimidation etc.) and physical (impellent, to kick a victim etc.)

There is a thousands of child who been exposed to peer bullying. Every year hundreds of child be suicide attempt themselves. Do you know that? Unfortunately, it is true.

I think that peer bullying is a big and serious problem of future of our world. I am emphasizing this issue because i believe that you support me and we make our world better for living together.

I have started a campaign at change.org website. For now almost two thousand people get support me. Thanks to all of them. I believe that if you support my campaign then our world to become more sensitive about peer bullying. Lets support my campaing and send our voices to athorized people who responsible for.

When you open the site of change.org, write at search section that “stop per bullying together.”. You reach my page. Don't forget to click the approve mail sent by change.org to your mail box.

For see the link of my campaign please take a look at description section of my youtube video.

Thanks for everyone. Work together for a liveable world.