Keep Transitional Kindergarten (TK)

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The Miller Creek School Board has decided to shut down Transitional Kindergarten. It will not be offered in the fall unless we make them reverse their decision.

Transitional Kindergarten is a truly special and important program for young kids. It helps them achieve the social, emotional, and academic skills needed to be successful in Kindergarten.  

My daughter was in TK last year and I was privileged to witness her classmates and her achieve these milestones and feel ready to enter Kindergarten.

By cutting TK, families are now struggling even more financially. They now have to pay another year of preschool they weren't expecting to have to pay for. This hits lower income families the hardest and is not equitable. The district informed families with a letter April 20th, leaving them with very little time to secure a spot in preschool for this fall. They had already registered for TK and didn't expect this.

Help support our kids by making sure we don't lose Transitional Kindergarten. Thank you for signing.