Unfair Dress Code

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The Millcreek Township School District's dress code states "School officials do have the right to prohibit attire which is disruptive to the educational process or which constitutes a health or safety hazard." Since most of the dress code leans towards girls, such as having to cover your butt while wearing leggings or not being able to wear ripped jeans above the knee because it shows skin, the dress code is sexist, saying that this is disruptive. This statement infers that males are distracted by seeing girl's skin. Girls should be able to throw on a pair of leggings and a t-shirt without being dress coded because their butts aren't covered, or show skin while wearing ripped jeans. If males cannot handle this, that is not the girl's responsibility. We should not have to be punished. Almost every person at my school hates the dress code and believes the rules involving leggings and jeans are unfair. Girls should not have to purchase weekend jeans, and a plain pair of non ripped jeans for weekdays at school to ensure that guys aren't distracted. Girls are not objects to be covered up. The dress code makes girls feel anxious, and insecure about their bodies saying that we should cover them. Basically, the dress code is put in place to ensure that we, girls, aren't being distracting and being stared at, but personally, I feel more uncomfortable when the aged staff members at my school look me up and down to see if i'm breaking the dress code. By writing this and receiving signitures, I am hopeful that the rules involving leggings and jeans are revoked.

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