Reduce the McDowell Parking Pass Fee

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High school students are expected to pay $70 with a $35 per semester option, just to park! Most students don't have that type of money laying around, they usually have their parents pay--people who already pay taxes to fund the district. Even if the students do pay, they'd have to work about ten hours at minimum wage just to be able to pay to park at school! A popular college in the area, Edinboro University charges students $60 to park for the entire year; people choose to go to college, it shouldn't be more expensive to park at high school (a place where students are legally obligated to be) than a University (a place where people choose to be.) Out of the four other local high schools in the area, two have no parking fee, one has a fee of $5, and the other has a fee of $20. Lastly, employees at the school don't have to pay to park, why should the students? It's a burden to them and their families. By signing this petition, you agree that the fee should be lowered to at least $30 with a $15 per semester option (roughly the price 2 years ago), if not less. I already made a petition for students to sign, but some parents urged me to create a petition that would also allow them to sign.

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