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Policy 5111 : Charge tuition for Nonresident Students

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Please only sign if you are a resident of Millburn, NJ.

By signing this petition you, a Millburn Taxpayer, are requesting, the Millburn School District amend its policy 5111 (currently under discussion for amendment anyway*) to charge a prorated tuition to the parent/guardian of any student whose parent/guardians move out of Millburn School district during the school year but whose child/children are allowed to finish out the school year at a Millburn School as a “guest, nonresident student”. Our question as taxpayers is:  We can understand not wanting to penalize a student and allowing them to finish up a school year BUT  WHY IS ANY NONRESIDENT STUDENT ALLOWED TO CONTINUE IN DISTRICT ON A TUITION FREE BASIS??    Why wouldn't the parents of said student extended this generous courtesy be expected to pay for this privilege?  We want to be fair but given our tight school budgets and our high taxes, continuing to extend this courtesy tutition free takes resources away from our resident students and unfairly burdens Millburn Taxpayers.  

A first reading of the amended policy 5111 was conducted at the Board of Education meeting on March 10, 2014.  The time is now for public comments.  The proposed policy eliminates the decades long tradition of allowing a senior high school student to stay indistrict, tutitionfree, if his/her parents move out of town before Feb 1 of  Senior year. The proposed policy continues* a policy which allows ANY enrolled student whose parents move during the school year after Feb 1 to stay in district tuition free for the remainder of the school year regardless of how long, or little, one has lived in town.

Ironically this proposed language eliminates a district tradition  most residents agreed with and retains a policy  which it appears could allow fraud to occur within the school district.  As written, under current policy, a student’s family could rent an apartment/home in Millburn for a few months ( Sept – January 31 or longer), move on/after Feb 1 to another town but stay in district schools tuition free for the remainder of the school year. Given the District continues to refuse to annually re-register all students, the following September the student who has moved to another town can easily continue on as a student in the Millburn Schools.  Charging a tuition to students who move but are given permission to finish out the school year will help the District keep track of which students moved the prior year.  It is also fairest to taxpayers and resident students. 

The second reading of the policy will be at the next Board of Education meeting on March 24,2014.  To see the actual proposed policy please click here:

*Please note this petition has been edited to reflect a correction in the past history of Policy 5111.

It appears after a discussion with Jeff Waters the current President of the Millburn BOE, my memory of the policy 5111 history details was incorrect.  The policy of allowing any student to stay in district, tuition free, after a defined point in time (ranging from the final quarter to last half of the school year) predates 2010. The policy has been amended over time to define (or change) the date after which any student whose parents move out of district during the school year may stay to finish out the year on a tuition free basis as an approved nonresident.  This particular policy amendment proposes a specific date of Feb.1.    I apologize for my error in memory of past policy history but my basic question of reconsidering the language of the amended FUTURE policy and considering charging tuition for this privilege in the future remains intact.

We encourage the Board of Education to reconsider the proposed policy language.  


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