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Special designer Prescription Pill Bottle lids are being used as a fundraiser!!

This is a program that was started and is being solicited to schools in the Saint Louis area to participate. They are asking schools to have parents participate by giving their kids a "Token" (which is a mock up of a colorful and "kid friendly" pill bottle lid) they get from their pharmacy and take in to their school, which is then given back to the pharmacy for a .25cnts donation. 

This is wrong on so many levels! The potential accidents that will happen, familiarizing kids will pill bottles as a reward, kids being competitive and grabbing the lids off all pill bottles, having pill bottles open because kids will be kids and don't know better. The kids just want to help and to be a part of something good...WHY DOES IT HAVE TO INVOLVE PILLS AT ALL? Why cant they just bring in the receipts or sell candy, bring in box tops? Why cant the pharmacy just donate money in a lump sum? There are many logical ways to raise money that does not involve children and anything to do with Big Pharmaceutical companies. With all of the attention finally shining a light on the almost 60,000 people who died from an overdose last year...why are we allowing the cycle to continue? Please help me by signing this petition and stopping this potentially deadly program. Help me stand up to these drug distributors or this program could be coming to a town where yoir children are.

Thank you, Stephen Allen Johannsen


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