A Real Millbrae Plastic Bag Ban

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In Millbrae currently, seven million plastic bags are used a year, according to Ron Popp, Public Works Director. Although a plastic bag "ban" has been established, it's only a 10 cent charge. Maybe some won't pay for it, but it's 10 cents; what if I forgot my reusable bags? I would be paying for a plastic bag, and after all, it's only 10 cents. 

In California as a whole, at least 12 billion plastic bags are produced, and only 1% to 4% is recycled. In fact, a million plastic bags end up in the San Francisco Bay. As the harmful environmental effects of plastic bags are already well-known, there has to be something done. We cannot change the minds of people, but we can change the accessibility to hurting the environment.

We would like to start in our own city first. It's time to officially remove plastic bags from any retail stores, and sell paper and reusable bags instead. This should even further incentivize the use of reusable bags, and get completely rid of Millbrae's plastic waste, starting with plastic bags.

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