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Keep new single lane between Willow and Millwood streets in Mill Valley.

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As a result of the road works going on on Miller Avenue, the former double lane between Willow and Millwood has been turned into a single lane in both directions -- into and out of town.  This extends the existing single lane that exists between Millwood and The Depot by approximately another 1/4 mile.

(For those wondering exactly which piece of road this petition is referring to, it is the ~400 yards between the Miller Avenue Church (just up from the 7/11 and across the street from Mill Valley Music) to the existing single lane at the lumber yard (Park Street intersection).  This does not impact any other part of Mill Valley, e.g. it does not impact the double-lane configuration at the stop sign at the 2AM Club.)

The positive impact of this has been four-fold - traffic is calmer between Willow and Millwood, the bike lane is larger, biking is safer, and right turns on the inbound direction are safer as the lane is further from the sidewalk.  In addition, if this became a permanent feature, it would be possible to widen the sidewalks, many of which are very narrow and full of tree roots.

In tech we call this an A/B test.  I've been in Mill Valley for the last 20 years, and we've had 20 years of the "A" test -- two lanes.  For the past year we've had the "B" test -- the single lane.  And it's pretty clear that the B test wins from a safety point of view.  

If you agree with this, please sign this petition.  If you don't agree, there's another petition on that wants the double lane back.

May the best version (single lane!) win.

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