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As skateboarders in Mill Valley, we have very little places to skate without taking to the streets, a practice which has been ridiculed by police, business owners, citizens and the City Council itself. The Mill Valley Skatepark is currently a few metal ramps on what used to be a parking lot. There is little space, the obstacles are old, outdated and worn, and the ground is rough and cracking. The presence of a quality, modern skatepark will give skaters a place to practice, and keep us off of peoples' property, businesses and the streets. A new park will also serve as a safe spot for new skaters to learn, on a smooth surface with enough space to feel safe. The park could also serve as another positive recreational area in addition to our plentiful fields, tennis courts and hiking trails. Mill Valley should look at cities such as Saint Helena, Lake Cunningham, and Fremont as proof that a skatepark can be a positive, constructive addition to a community. 

Letter to
Mayor, Mill Valley Andrew Berman
Please build us a real skatepark in Mill Valley. Our current park is less than ideal for skateboarding, as the ramps are old and rusted, and the ground is rough and cracking. A new skatepark would benefit not only skaters, but business owners, homeowners and landlords who would no longer have to deal with skateboards on their property.

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