Mill Hill Is In Urgent Need of a Renovation!!

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Building renovations for Mill Hill Elementary have been delayed for many years due to the prioritization of other projects - and Mill Hill is now being evaluated once again for much-needed renovations, repairs and upgrades.  We implore members of the Fairfield Board of Finance (BOF) and RTM to vote in favor of the $1.5 Million Mill Hill Renovation and Expansion Project Team Initial Funding and related Ed Specs immediately.  Further delaying this project compromises the health and safety of Mill Hill students and staff and extends a sub-optimal learning environment that does not meet the standards that have been set for all Fairfield students.  The Mill Hill Community deserves better!

Here are some facts...

- Built in 1955, Mill Hill is one of the oldest elementary schools in town and all building systems were designed to the 1950's building codes, fire codes and health codes.

- Mill Hill utilizes 5 aging portable classrooms to address overcrowding issues. These portables have no bathroom facilities and no running water for basic hygiene. Students and staff need to leave the portables and walk in open air to our main building to go to the bathroom, go to lunch, go to specials, etc.  The portables were installed as follows - 1 in 2000, 1 in 2001 and 3 in 2008 - and should only have a 10 year life span.  In 2016, a temporary fence was put up to provide greater safety to those using the portables. 

- Air Quality and other environmental issues have been identified in recent years and may persist and worsen unless proper renovations and upgrades happen.  These include poor air circulation, asbestos exposure, mold and stagnant water concerns, elevated levels of carbon dioxide in classrooms, lead in the kitchen faucet, discolored ceiling tiles and strange odors. 

- Because Mill Hill has a tiny kitchen (the smallest in the district) and there is only one lunch queue, students often forgo hot lunch or are forced to rush to eat their lunch because they spend so much time waiting in line. 

We are asking Mill Hill to be brought up to the standards that our town bodies have already set for other building projects and that our students and staff receive the attention, as well as adequate and healthy space, to thrive.

Please sign this petition to show the Fairfield BOF and RTM that you support the $1.5 Million Project Team Initial Funding so that Mill Hill Renovations and Upgrades can move forward without any additional delay.  Even if you do not have children at Mill Hill, please consider actively supporting this cause as a healthy and safe neighborhood school benefits everyone in the community - and Mill Hill students and staff deserve these long-awaited improvements!!