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Klima- og Miljøminister Tine Sundtoft,: Stop killing the last Norwegian wolves, bears, lynx, wolverines and eagles

All our large predators in Norway are on the brink of extinction. Anyway they are ruthlessly hunted down and exterminated because a small minority of hunters, landowners and sheepfarmes would not accept them. Wolves, lynx, wolverines, bears and eagles are a very important part of our ecosystem. Their extinction will be a sin not only towards our nature, but also to future generations. It is time that farmers start to look after their sheep and hunters understand they do not own the wildlife alone.

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Klima- og Miljøminister Tine Sundtoft
Stop killing the last Norwegian wolves, bears, lynx, wolverines and eagles.
Norwegian authorities allow hunting wolves though they are on the brink of extinction
Hunters in Norway legally and illegally kill Norwegian wolves without any other reason but that the animals kill a small number of maximum 1500 unattended sheep each year, and the farmers are richly compensated for them, which gives them no reason whatsoever to look after their animals or to protect them. More than 100,000 sheep die for other reasons out in the Norwegian forests each year: falling into crevasses, drowning, infectious diseases, being eaten up alive by maggots, hit by cars and trains. This makes Norwegian sheep farming one of the worst tragedies of animal welfare in Europe.
The only protection measures Norwegian farmers and authorities seem to accept is the ruthless killing of the Norwegian wild predators, wolves, bears, lynx, wolverines and even eagles. All of these are red-listed animals in Norway and on the brink of extinction.
The majority of the Norwegian population does not want these animals to be killed but are being arrogantly ignored and put aside in favor of landowners, sheep farmers and hunters.
Also the fact that Norway would not allow wolves to roam free as their instinct demands and will not accept more than three litters each year.
Animals do not know borders humans have set for them and wild animals are just that: wild and free to choose where they find their place to live. We therefore ask you to stop this ruthless and brutal slaughter of the Norwegian wolves, bears, lynx wolverines and eagles, so that also our grandchildren still can admire these animals in their original habitat. This brutality is unworthy to any civilized and humanitarian nation and the protection of environment and our wild animals a duty to everyone.

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