Rehire Capt. Crozier. Fire Modly ASAP

Rehire Capt. Crozier. Fire Modly ASAP

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A political lackey just fired an experienced Navy captain for ‘copying too many people on a memo’ to his superiors in which he urgently pleaded for their help to safeguard the endangered health and safety of his own crew.


The acting US Navy secretary, Thomas Modly, is a political appointee. He just fired Capt. Brett Crozier, the experienced officer and ship captain who wrote that memo. Captain Crozier urgently needed help to deal with a coronavirus outbreak on board his ship. 

In Trump’s navy, our sailors’ lives don’t matter. He willingly wastes them for his own benefit. But career Navy families like mine beg to differ. And just FTR, we think all lives matter, too. 

none of us support infecting our ships and killing our sailors just so that an incompetent amateur can downplay the seriousness of a global pandemic. Ships are a crowded hotspot that need numerous added layers of protection. 

The Threat

Such political misconduct has wilfully and deliberately undermined our national security.  Firing Captain Crozier was simply the latest effort to hide avoidable and very serious risks to our defense capability.

Some of these situations are increasingly mission-critical for all of us to understand. We need to support elected representatives, political appointees, and military commanders and every defender who is willing to work as a team to ensure our military capability and mission readiness is what we need it to be, not just what a political lackey says it is.

Trump’s personal loyalty tests are an insertion of a poisoned stiletto into the spine of our military, separating effective political appointees from experienced officers from  vulnerable crews. That disrupts the chain of command in a way that clearly threatens to blow gaping holes in our national security below the water line.

Firing captains for protecting their crew and telling the truth to power is as dangerous to our national security as the pandemic itself. 

Please sign this petition to REHIRE Captain Crozier for doing his sworn duty and demand that Trump FIRE Thomas Modly for dereliction of his sworn duty, too. 

Let our military know that telling truth to power and maintaining mission readiness is part of what we pay them to do. And it is what we NEED them to do and be MOTIVATED to do.

For a political lackey to summarily fire an experienced Captain for telling the truth to power and making every conceivable effort to protect his crew and his ship has frightening long-term ramifications. We need to nip this in the bud, while we still can. 

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