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Petitioning Commanding General, XVIII Airborne Corps Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson

Military Justice System: Court-Martials Should be Fair and Impartial

Hello My name is Shannon L Williams,
My husband Sgt Gene N Williams was convicted of crimes he did not commit. During the trial the judge acted unfairly and unlawfully, examples are he allowed altered evidence to be submitted when the original unaltered evidence was available, He allowed the jury to hear severe uncharged misconduct, the defense council asked for a mistrial about ten times and he denied everyone of them, he made comments and gestures throughout the trial that were bias such as " I would never bring my wife to a trial like this" and " after this we are all going to need a shrink" also the judge rolled his eyes during the defenses cross and had to ask the jury to excuse it. when defense asked him to disqualify his self he refused, the judge also asked the witness a questions while she was on the stand that lead her to change her testomony so that it would be more creditable. The list goes on and on of the unlawful things that were done during this trial. I am trying to bring attention to this issue and If you cannot help me I would ask that you point me in the right direction. My husband Sgt Gene N Williams will be sitting in prison innocent and without ever have getting a fair trial. Please consider signing my petition for Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson not to rubber stamp this conviction.

It is my belief that the charges should have never been brought against Sgt Gene Williams in the first place since there is NO physical evidence.

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  • Commanding General, XVIII Airborne Corps
    Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson

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