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Approve liquor license for Colleen Caldwell

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Colleen Caldwell began restoring one downtown building in Milford , Illinois in 2007. The beginning project lead her to make a goal of saving 7 endangered buildings in her home town . Seeing how small towns were falling into disrepair , she vowed to make a difference . 

She has done almost ALL of the construction herself and spent countless hours of her own time and money on saving what she  deemed worthy of saving . 

She not once was visited by the mayor of the town on any of her 5 previous projects.  Until 3 months into her latest project, a wedding event venue , when he showed up telling her a list of codes she needed to follow.  Ironically it was the day concrete was being poured. Why the irony? She had asked him for a concrete bid for her project, but he did not get the job.

When she went to obtain her liquor license, she was denied. The letter from the town attorney stated they would gladly give her the license if she had an inspector approve her work.  They gave her the person to contact . He came and approved of the safety of the project .  The mayor once again denied the liquor license stating the inspector did not possess the proper credentials, even though he was the head of the local multi million dollar school project.

She has also received the approval of the 5 Milford board members and the fire chief of Milford.  

She has tried to satisfy every single request he has made of her, only for him to move the finish line further back.

The granting of a  liquor license is based on the moral character of the applicant and their standing in the community . Caldwell has gone far beyond to show her dedication to the community and its citizens. 

We ask David Maro to accept the approval of the inspector that the town chose and grant the liquor license to Colleen Caldwell of Town and Country Events.




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