Reasonable Speed Limits and Visible Road Signs

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Over the past few years, our roads have become congested and as a result, travel time has become extra precious. Road safety is the number one priority but we feel most of the enforcement is being done in a very harsh manner. Speed limits meant to guide road users are being used to entrap motorists, with most speed limits being very unreasonable (20km/h on a main road?!). What we hope to achieve with this petition is NOT to restrict the authorities from enforcing the law BUT rather, getting them to place reasonable speed limits WITH visible road signs (for instance, 80km/h on Kafue road highway instead of 40km/h). Not all our roads have road signs and having reasonable speed limits posted can make everyone aware of what speed they are supposed to travel at. For the economic benefit of our country, please sign this petition and let us hope the relevant authorities can listen to the people's cry.