A street in Hughes, AR honoring former Mayor Owens

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The reasons for honoring Mayor Owens are many. Mayor Owens made history by becoming the first African American to be elected as Mayor in the City of Hughes. He worked tirelessly during his term to improve the quality of life for the residents of Hughes. He re-instituted the police department which had been abandoned by the former administration that allowed crime to go out of control in Hughes. Mayor Owens spearheaded a move that provided for a major overhaul of the water and sewerage system in Hughes that deteriorated over the years to a substandard, unhealthy state by former mayors. Mayor Owens was able to secure grant monies for the city that lead to the development of a city park for the children, a community garden that was open to all citizens, labor from outside organizations to help beautify the city, the starting of OctoberFest that brought the community together in a family oriented environment and many other revitalization efforts.

Additionally, he was an active member of the MJHS Alumni who showed his love and support for the organization in a variety of ways.

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