Reasonably priced school uniforms PLEASE!

Reasonably priced school uniforms PLEASE!

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Elisa Smith started this petition to Mildenhall College Academy

As a parent of 3 children at the school, though I feel even for those with 1 child the point is still valid, the price of school uniform is EXTORTIONATE and should not be allowed. I know it is common and an issue at most schools (especially secondary), but feel more impact can be made if everyone starts locally addressing their own schools, giving them the opportunity to make some much needed changes for the sake of the community; of which they are a valued part.
I’m a single mum and I work extremely hard to provide for my children... not that the cost isn’t still ridiculous for EVERY family to have to find regardless of their situation. I can only present my point from a personal perspective though, so here goes... I will show everyone the ludicrous amount of money that I have to find this year, same as I did last year, being that my children continue to be inconsiderate and keep growing (excuse my sarcasm), therefore meaning most of their items need replacing... again. Then I will give the school an opportunity to justify the need for this uniform, regardless of how smart it looks (because looking “smart” seems to be more of a priority than my lack of money tree to pay for it!). I would rather donate a lump sum of money to the school on a yearly basis to go towards resources than spend out on uniform like this... just a thought!

Anyway, here’s a brief Maths lesson fitting for the school theme:

Miss Smith earns a Teaching Assistant’s wage, has 4 children to feed and numerous bills to pay. She lives pay cheque to pay cheque, doesn’t qualify for any assistance with Free school meals etc and prides herself on earning an honest living & providing for her family.
Both her older girls need school skirts (since their good old Asda bought black ones are now banned). EACH of these cost £34.75 for their size 8 waists (So that’s 70 quid down already)... these will need washing and drying daily being that nobody in their right mind can afford more than one per child right?!!

All 3 kids need new jumpers (They’re very thin and need replacing most years) 2 x £15.25 and 1 x £16.25 (I’ll do the math as we go... We’re at £116.25 already).

Miss Smith’s constantly growing son (who has gone from a size 7 to an 11 shoe in the space of less than 2 years) needs a bigger blazer costing £45.25 (total = £161.50)... wonder how these are going to work with the COVID-19 clothes need changing/washing daily rules...?

Add to that the new style PE shirts bought at the beginning of this year (2 x £12.00 1 x £14.50). Then the new style girls PE skorts that literally DOUBLED in price from the old style! (2 x £23.75). Then add the PE fleeces which they HAD to have, just before going into lockdown, because they were told they weren’t allowed to wear PLAIN BLACK/NAVY hoodies anymore. (2 x £15.00 1 x £21.25).
Now let’s add the new shirts and other necessities that thankfully I am still currently allowed to buy from Tesco/Asda... I think!?! 

Don’t get me started on shoes or the millionth pair of football boots that my son needs again...

Yep, I’ve lost count too... but all I can say is it’s A LOT! 

I also have a primary age child who THANKFULLY attends a school whose jumpers are reasonably priced and whose head teacher allows all her other uniform to be purchased from good old Asda! 

Any MCA parents who can feel my pain, please sign, share and let’s see if we can make a difference?? 

Take a look for yourselves and add up your uniform list for this year (any of you whose children are in adult sizes like mine GOOD LUCK!):

Yours Sincerely 
Miss E Smith 

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