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For removing MilanaMilL's journal towards Numyart

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This has been for too long. Over more than a year, the Deviantart user MilanaMill has been accusing artist Numyart of actions that they clearly didn't do with dubious overlays that can be easily manipulated in Photoshop. The intent of this petition is to gather enough support for making Milana to delete that toxic journal and leave Numy alone for once and for all. Nobody deserve to be harrassed online just for doing what they love, in this case drawing. 

This artist may or may not have been doing the actions that Milana claims in her journal, but this has gone too far and she keeps making false accusations and excuses to not taking it down, to the point of Numy getting harrassed daily and not living her dream of becoming an artist. 

All I am asking with this petition is for peace for everybody, and freedom for artists because everybody deserves to be treated equally. 

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