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Wear Sweats to the Oscars

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Actress Mila Kunis is under attack for... wearing sweatpants?

That's right -- the actress wore comfortable clothing out in public to do things like run errands and grab coffee. Apparently, ladies, that's not allowed: a reporter at the New York Daily News attacked her, writing "Mila Kunis is a fashion fiasco as Hollywood's frumpiest, dumpiest celeb."

I'm a fashion designer and I love celebrity gossip, but I'm sick of the message that these headlines are sending to women. Mila Kunis was just declared "Sexiest Woman Alive" by Esquire magazine, and suddenly because she wore a pair of sweats in public she's being fed to the wolves. Meanwhile her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher, who was also dressed down, has somehow escaped the media's wrath.

Hollywood is infamous for reinforcing unrealistic beauty standards for women. It leads young girls to starve themselves, hate their bodies, and grow up feeling like they're never enough. But I think this fiasco could be an opportunity to fight back. To take a stand and say that women should be able to wear whatever we want when we're going to Starbucks.

Mila Kunis can make a big statement at the biggest Hollywood event of the year: The Oscars. What actresses wear on the red carpet gets hours of coverage. I think Mila should wear sweats.

Please sign this petition if you've ever worn sweatpants in public, if you've ever been made to feel 'dumpy' because of what you've worn, and if you want to see Mila Kunis fight back by wearing sweats to the Oscars.

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