Bring back Slayer

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A public message to Mike: it is in the best interests of the Omega Realm community to reintegrate Slayer as a game mode back to the server. Not only does Slayer have an extensive history with Omega Realm - having been one of the three original game modes offered from 2012 to 2013, and revamped and reintroduced in 2015 - but is also a symbol of  great sacrifice, dedication and determination.

In 2015, then Moderator Sharon embarked on an ambitious but voluntary task to bring back a lost part of Omega Realm history. This lost relic in question was the Slayer game mode. Throughout the period of several long, painstaking months, she managed to pull off a feat: a completely original, detailed map to facilitate the reintroduction of Slayer.

The release was an instant hit. The combination of PvP and PvE reignited a burning flame that had since been extinguished following the great demise of 2013 Omega Realm. Players new and old would flock to the new and revamped game mode. They made friends and memories.

It was with great sadness that in the October of 2015, Sharon, who was promoted to Senior Moderator a few months earlier, tragically passed away in a catfishing accident. Slayer was removed from the offered game modes sometime later. It is in our best interests to preserve Sharon’s legacy. The best way to do that would be to bring back Slayer. 

Mr Mikgreg, I am writing to you on behalf of our tight knit community. I write on behalf of Omega Realm when I say we want Slayer back.