Lower the speed limit on Bradbourne Road & Bradbourne Park Road for a safe route to school

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Nina Richardson & Emma Moore
Nina Richardson & Emma Moore signed this petition

The safety of our children is paramount. We believe that they should be able to walk to school safely without risk of injury or worse. 
Sign our petition to ask Mike Whiting, Kent County Council Cabinet Member for Planning, Highways, Transport and Waste to agree to implement measures to make Bradbourne Road and Bradbourne Park Road safer streets to travel on.
These two roads have six education establishments located on them: Sevenoaks Primary School, Acorns Nursery, Bradbourne Park Preschool, Busy Bees Nursery, The Granville School and Walthamstow Hall Junior School.  It is vital that the children, their parents and carers have a SAFE ROUTE TO SCHOOL.

Bradbourne Road and Bradbourne Park Road are extremely busy roads and are so narrow that drivers often mount the pavement to pass each other.  Existing speed bumps do not deter drivers from driving too fast.  Poorly parked cars hinder pedestrians crossing the roads safely.
Kent County Council will not fund further traffic calming measures unless there are casualties. We cannot wait for a tragic accident to implement simple yet effective measures that would reduce the risk of harm for children and their families walking to school, as well as creating safer streets for the whole community – pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike.
Kent County Council will consider requests from communities to implement 20mph schemes and we are asking them to:
·      Implement a 20mph speed limit on both Bradbourne Road and Bradbourne Park Road;
·      Support further traffic calming – increased signage or other psychological calming measures – to alert drivers to the presence of children and other pedestrians;

We call on:
Sevenoaks Town and District Councils and our local County Councillor to provide financial assistance to enable this to happen.
“We are all keen to do what we can to improve road safety for our children around our school. Any support of this is welcomed and the 20's Plenty campaign is another way of continuing this work.” Mrs. Malone, Headteacher Sevenoaks Primary School
“I fully support this campaign. We must all slow down, for the safety of our children.” Rt Hon Sir Michael Fallon, MP for Sevenoaks
This campaign is also supported by:
·     Cllr Dr. Merilyn Canet, Deputy Mayor of Sevenoaks, Sevenoaks Northern
·     Cllr Tony Clayton, Sevenoaks Town Council
·     Cllr Claire Shea, Sevenoaks Town Council
·     Cllr Simon Raikes, Sevenoaks Town & District Council
·     Cllr Sue Camp, Sevenoaks Town Council
·     Janet Willock & Hattie Williams, Managers, Bradbourne Park Pre-school
·     Joanne Luffman-Cook, Manager, Acorns Nursery
·     Mrs Lawrence, Head Teacher, The Granville School

When we have collected 1000 signatures Kent County Council will have to debate our petition at their Joint Transportation Board.
- sign this petition if you live, work or study in Kent and ensure you add your postcode - without it Kent County Council won't count your vote.
- share this petition with others who care about the local families safety and those who live or work in Kent.