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Lets keep kids & their families SAFE in D2 : No AB 109 offenders at Muriel Wright Center

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Santa Clara County Reentry Services is pushing forward an initiative to send 30 "adult male and female offenders ages 18 and over that are residents of Santa Clara County with chronic mental health illness and substance abuse conditions that are recently released from jail" to Muriel Wright Center (MWC) starting in 2018 [2] [3].

The community has never been taken into account or consulted. MWC is in close proximity to elementary schools [1] and residential areas. Nothing will prevent these individuals from wandering in the residential area just downhill from the center when they are in the need of a fix as they will not be locked up.

In addition, MWC is embedded into Santa Teresa County Park [4] and local residents may feel less safe hiking on the trails with 30 offenders freely roaming nearby.

Bringing 30 intoxicated homeless into our peaceful, quiet neighborhood will make our community unsafe, our kids vulnerable, our streets more accident prone and most likely increase crime and drug related activities. This will turn South Santa Teresa in general into a hotspot of undesired activity not only from the 30 individuals in rehab, but also from the troubled people in their social circles that visit them.

Also consider that Muriel Wright Center is only a few minutes away from the proposed Bridge Housing Community (BHC) at Bernal Rd and Monterey Ave. Materializing one or both of these projects will certainly turn our community into a gathering area for the homeless population of San Jose, a skid row, while other districts and more affluent cities in Santa Clara county are not only spared, but they are allowed to channel their own homeless population and now also their mentally ill and addicts into district 2.

This initiative is a good example how current elected officials in Santa Clara County pick winners and losers : while affluent cities in Santa Clara County (Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Sunnyvale) are spared from controversial initiatives, our district has to put up with this and other similar initiatives that will bring quality of life and  house prices down. Wealthy cities in Santa Clara county should do their part and get a fair share ownership of controversial initiatives and should NOT be fixing all their public safety issues at the expense of the peaceful and hard working residents of district 2, our schools, our parks and property values [5]

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