Remove the united daughters of the confederate monument in Opelika, Alabama

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The monument dedicated to the united daughters of the confederate (December 7, 1910), located in the heart of First Baptist Church in Opelika, Alabama, does not represent the community as a city dedicated to change and a unified, solid front. The members and meaning of this monument are representative of how explicit this statue offers pre-existing images for racists. This statue represents an image of hate and intolerance. It is a symbol meant to memorialize slavery. The confederates say the war was fought for state's rights and against the federal system, adding that symbols such as the confederate flag and confederate statues commemorate history and culture, when in reality, it was about slavery and racial injustices. Black Americans feel that the presence of these symbols publicly displayed are offensive. How can Americans progress if we are constantly reminded of the pain and angst of our history? Removing this statue and symbols of the likes is a start.