Appeal For Running Water For Dogs At The Ridge Road Recreational Dog Park

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Ridge Road Recreational Park in Germantown, MD. has a lot to offer. There are courts, athletic fields, a playground and a dog park. This park is used often and kept in good repair. However, the dog park is lacking one very important amenity: running water. Owners bring bottled water and pour the water into dingy, rusted and never before washed bowls that stay at the park. This can cause a plethora of health issues for the dogs and also leaves the park a mess when owners bring and leave plastic bottles behind.

We are asking that Ridge Road Recreational Park run a water line to the dog park. The park as a whole has bathrooms and water fountains but nothing in the dog section. Other parks in Montgomery County, such as Cabin John, have running water in their dog parks.

We respectfully request that you install a water line so that our dogs can have access to fresh, clean water.