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Finish Making Vampire Academy Series Movies

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To Studio Executives and Screenwriters:

This is a petition to show why you should finish making Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series. These were excellent books and deserve the same attention as Twilight. Use different writer's er movie trailer and a to give her books justice. A good option is Melissa Rosenberg, screenwriter for the Twilight series. This is a description about the series and why it's not just another teeny bopper movie. It's way more than that.

This isn’t just another teenage movie. It’s a movie about friendship, love and magic. It’s the story of 17 year old, Rose Hathaway and her journey to become a guardian, a protector to her best friend, Princess Vasilissa Dragomir. When Princess Vasilissa discovers she has a rare magical gift called “Spirit” she becomes more special and vulnerable to the Vampire world. With the help of her instructor/mentor Guardian, Dimitri Belikov, she fights and trains hard to be the best guardian at the academy. She not only has to worry about inside threats to Lissa’s magical gift, but also the continued threat of the evil Strigoi. Rose is brave, strong with a sharp wit and always ready for a fight. She also has a frequent habit of rule-breaking. Her loyalty is to Lissa and she’ll do anything to protect her. Everything becomes more complicated when she and her mentor, Dimitri fall in love. They’re not only training to fight and protect, they’re fighting against their forbidden love. When Strigoi attack the St Vladimir’s Academy, she turns into a fierce warrior that earns her the reputation of the best  guardian in school.

As disaster strikes and the love of her life is taken by Strigoi, Rose must choose between protecting her best friend or tracking down the man she loves to set his soul free. Rose’s journey is wrought with life, death, love and loss. She’s faced with protecting her best friend from death and danger and saving the man she loves from a soulless eternity. Sometimes doing the right thing means breaking a few rules.

 Richelle Mead’s tale brings to life a magical world of adventure, love, loss and friendship. Her characters are intelligent, strong and full of life. Her creative storytelling makes the reader want to dive into that magical world and be a part of Vampire Academy.

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