Ban the hog wrestling events at Indiana county fairs.

Ban the hog wrestling events at Indiana county fairs.

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Tina York started this petition to Governor Mike Pence

Please read the entire petition before signing!!!!!

This is NOT a petition for the humane treatment of animals, this IS an abuse type petition. Animal cruelty as you would see when dealing with dogs, and abuse as you would with such as domestic violence, child abuse, ect. It is not to push the vegan agenda, or the animal rights movement. Pigs are covered by the animal cruelty law so it needs to be enforced.

We the signed ask the State of Indiana, Governor Mike Pence, to ban the hog wrestling events at the county fairs in Indiana, and require them to choose another event that doesn't promote cruelty to animals and other violence. Positive non violent interaction with kids and animals would be a good replacement. Animals teach kids unconditional love, compassion, empathy, ect, they are a positive influence on kids & adults. Animals also love human interaction when it's  not violent. 


Using pigs as entertainment for humans is inhumane & cruelty to animals! The pigs have no choice of whether they want to “wrestle humans” or not, they cannot give consent. As a matter of fact, a pig cannot physically wrestle a human, it’s physically impossible. Some fairs have already eliminated hog wrestling from their events due to the abuse & cruelty they experience.  During a “Hog Wrestling Event”, pigs are put into a mud pit where teams of 4 or more adults or children chase them, grab them, and at times fall on them, with the goal to throw the pig into a tire within a certain amount of time.


The photo above showing a pig squealing in fear provides an example of the cruelty endured by the animals. Besides the clearly visible stress and fear the pig’s experience, many can also become physically injured as well. Physical injuries such as: physical torsional stress on the pig’s joints, broken bones, heart failure due to extreme fear & stress, aspirating water or inhaling mud when tackled, especially as they are wrestled to the ground causing the pig to not be able to breathe. Pigs are very sensitive to pain according to professors of Purdue University, as well as intelligent beings.


There are countless photos and videos online of pigs assaulted by teams of humans that show pigs being hoisted by their front legs, their bodies forced into abnormal positions. Some photos show children grabbing & pulling their ears just to get them onto the tire. One video shows a pig with her head forced into the mud, when she finally struggles back up she spews out the muddy slop. If a dog or cat were treated in this manner, charges of cruelty would result.


Hog Wrestling is not wrestling! The Definition of Wrestling is as follows: "a sport or contest in which two unarmed individuals struggle hand to hand with each attempting to subdue or unbalance the other." Hog Wrestling does not meet the definition of wrestling. Hog Wrestling is where a small targeted animal is overwhelmed by groups of much larger stronger individuals and children. The animal is grabbed, shoved into the mud, dragged and thrown onto a tire. The pig is physically incapable of being able to “wrestle” a human.


Hog Wrestling is in conflict with 4-H standards & guidelines "Animal welfare is a growing concern in this country today and warrants some attention during county fairs and any other 4-H livestock event. Therefore, it is imperative that we show all general audiences at these livestock events that we as keepers of animals do know the right way to raise and care for livestock. While we are at the fair showing livestock we are under the watchful eye of the general public. This gives us a great opportunity to show all kinds of people the method in which we care for our livestock”.  The following is a list of guidelines which should be helpful in preventing any misconceptions that the public or any special interest groups may have about the way we raise livestock. The proper care of animals in a public setting should receive primary attention. Two of those Guidelines are:  1) Handle animals in a very humane way. 2) Avoid stressing the animal. However, they don’t seem to be very concerned by the events even though they clearly violate their guidelines.


Hog Wrestling is a health concern, and should actually have the attention of the health department, yet it’s allowed. During these events, like dogs when frightened, the pigs will urinate & defecate in the mud where humans fall into or roll around, even getting the mud pit concoction inside their mouths, nose, or eyes. Those who participate are only allowed in designated areas to clean up after and nowhere else until they have fully cleaned up and changed clothing. These rules show they are fully aware of the health concern that comes with the event. There are cases of injuries, and infections to human participants, which shows a bigger need for concern since children participate in the events.


Indiana has Animal Cruelty laws; Indiana state law prohibits the following:

Cruelty,  abandonment, and neglect of animals.

Acts of torture and physical abuse of an animal are a crime in Indiana. IC 35-46-3-12.

(c) A person who knowingly or intentionally tortures or mutilates

a vertebrate animal commits torturing or mutilating a vertebrate

animal, a Level 6 felony.

(d) As used in this subsection, "domestic animal" means an animal

that is not wild. The term is limited to:

(1) cattle, calves, horses, mules, swine, sheep, goats, dogs, cats,

poultry, ostriches, rhea, and emus; and

(2) an animal of the bovine, equine, ovine, caprine, porcine,

canine, feline, camelid, cervidae, or bison species.

Since this event is promoted to kids as a “fun event” even though it’s animal cruelty here is information about kids charged with the crime of animal cruelty

(f) When a court imposes a sentence or enters a dispositional

decree under this section, the court:

(1) shall consider requiring:

(A) a person convicted of an offense under this section; or

(B) a child adjudicated a delinquent child for committing an

act that would be a crime under this section if committed by

an adult;

to receive psychological, behavioral, or other counseling as a

part of the sentence or dispositional decree; and

(2) may order an individual described in subdivision (1) to

receive psychological, behavioral, or other counseling as a part

of the sentence or dispositional decree


Yesterday, Walmart, one of the world’s biggest companies – and the nation’s biggest food seller by a long shot – announced it has adopted the “five freedoms” principles for farm animals, effectively renouncing the use of extreme confinement and other abusive practices in animal agriculture, and signaling an extraordinary change in agriculture in America. Walmart is calling on its suppliers to, among other actions, work toward ensuring that animals: 1) are raised in ways that allow them to engage in natural behaviors, including having sufficient space and socialization with other members of their species, 2) be provided more comfortable living conditions, 3) are free from painful mutilations 4) be spared mental discomfort or distress, and 5) be given ready access to water and feed. These changes, so grounded in common sense, would nonetheless herald major improvements over how much of agribusiness currently treats animals. Walmart is able to recognize the fact animals do have emotions and can be psychologically harmed and not just physically.



Whether a domesticated animal, or farm animal, an animal is an animal that feels fear, love, ect and no animal should have to be terrorized by barbaric humans for their entertainment. This event is abusive & cruelty to animals and promotes violence.


It's a proven fact that violent criminals first start out harming animals when young, and move onto humans. Promoting hog wrestling to children is teaching them that abuse is ok, even for their entertainment. Children exposed to cruel events such as this are more likely to grow up and further harm more animals and people. The state should instead be setting a positive example for its youth, and teaching them that harming animals, especially for entertainment, is wrong and inhumane. Adults who participate in cruelty to animals such as this are also more likely to abuse their children as well. In a state with a high crime rate, which includes child abuse and domestic violence, these events should be banned not promoted. The way a state treats all of its animals and children shows the character of said city.


The Delaware County Fair has cancelled their fairs hog wrestling event for 2015, however, other counties such as Harrison County, Grant County, Monroe County, Whitley County, &  Noble County still intend to have their event. Instead of thinking about the harm from the event they choose to continue harming & exploiting the hogs for financial gain. As a matter of fact, Kyle Bailey, the President of the Noble County Fair is also the paid supplier of the hogs used for the event. Not only does the fair financially gain from the event but Mr Bailey personally gains financially from causing psychological terror to the hogs used.


With the findings that show animals feel the same emotions as humans no animal should be terrorized for financial gain or as entertainment for anyone. We ask that you ban the cruel event in the entire state of Indiana. There are many non-violent forms of entertainment for humans that do not involve animal cruelty, that could be held instead, and that would have a positive impact on the families that attend.

Neurologist Gregory Berns is using MRIs to find out if dogs experience emotions in the same way humans do. Here are two links to information videos on his research and findings

This petition has nothing to do with Farming, Farmers, Agriculture, Fairs in general, or 4H!!!!!!  

This petition is not an attack on farming, agriculture, and has nothing to do with any organization; it’s addressing the animal cruelty to the animals, and the violence that it promotes ONLY! There are many things that were once seen as ok such as child abuse, & domestic violence that are no longer acceptable in the world today, and cruelty to animals is one as well.

I, nor this petition have any association with Joel Kerr, the Indiana Animal Rights Alliance, or any org!!!

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