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Demand Reform of Welfare Systems in the United States

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By signing this document, you are sending the below message to members of Congress, and members in the White House including the President, Vice President, and more to make crucial and much needed change to our current welfare system:

We the People of the United States of America formally request the Welfare System, including but not limited to TANF, EBT, Medicare, WIC, food stamps, unemployment, housing assistance, cash aide, and all other types of Welfare assistance provided by the federal government using tax payer funding to be immediately reformed to better serve Americans in a fair way.

This petition and it's signers expresses our great dismay for the current unfair, unjust, and unconstitutional welfare system that has caused an unruly increase in income, federal, and state taxes on specifically working Americans. We the People of the United States feel the current Welfare System is unjust to the average American, unfairly benefiting people who do not work. The current welfare system is too expensive for average Americans, and welfare receivers are often living better, more lavishly, and more comfortably than working Americans across the nation.

Apart of our citizen reform request, changes we want to see to the current Welfare System include, but are not limited to:

  • Maximum yearly terms - A person should only be allowed to be on welfare for a certain, maximum length of time. An example of a maximum yearly term could be 6 months to a year, suffice time for a person to find a job and begin their career.
  • Less government funding - The government is spending too much of tax payer money on Welfare, something over half the country disagrees with. We demand this term to be met to cut tax payer spending on Welfare, and in turn lower taxes on Americans.
  • Abolish certain Welfare systems - We encourage members of Congress to analyze all current Welfare systems, and abolish certain systems that do more harm than good, and cost tax payers too much in funding.
  • Redistribute Welfare Spending to more appropriate sources - After cutting spending of tax dollars on Welfare, we demand the remaining tax funding to be redistributed and allocated to more appropriate sources, such as the underfunded education system, the military, or other needy institutions that have been largely ignored and/or unfairly unrepresented despite the wishes of tax payers.

All people who hereby sign this petition agree to the following statements and terms listed above, and demand change to be made. If not, petitioners and signers will rally against those who refused to make a change in this corrupt, unjust, and unconstitutional Welfare System, and vote those members out of Congress come election time.

We the People of the United States of America believe in change through legislation, and this unconstitutional Welfare System is one that must be reformed and changed immediately. By signing this document, I hereby acknowledge all statements and terms above, and demand the above changes, reforms, and terms to be met.

It's time to make a change!


The American People


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