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Enact Congressional Term Limits!

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Currently all of Congress (both the House and the Senate) operate without term limits.  This has led to entirely too much power residing nearly permanently in a privileged few and supports the corrupt status quo politics that the population of the United States of America currently lives beneath.  Term limits MUST be imposed to prevent fueling this corruption.  Currently Congressional politicians feel as if they are the rulers, as if they are ENTITLED to fawning adoration by the free people of the US of A.  Politicians enter Congress generally with ordinary financial assets; wealth at half a million dollars or less-----and 10 or 20 years later are frequently utter millionaires!  Somehow they achieve this wealth on a salary that is less than 150k a year!  How are they able to do it?  Because they stay safely entrenched in power for a LIFETIME, riding the political gravy train and being provided financial opportunities (by big business and powerful individuals who want to curry favor for their enterprises) that are denied to ordinary citizens.  This is unsustainable and benefits NO ONE except the corrupt elite.  My proposal is no more than two terms, period.  These two potential terms can be back to back or split by any amount of time.  Two terms of four years apiece.  Currently the Senators serve six year terms and the Representatives serve two year terms.  I feel strongly that four year terms coupled with no more than two terms being served for life would serve the American people much better than the current system.  This is going to be an uphill battle.  Congress loves the status quo.  That's why it is rigged this way in the first place.  The only way to force them to vote something like this into law is by letting them know through millions of signatures and millions of voices singing out TOGETHER that we, the American people say ENOUGH!  Enact term limits and force out the career politicians.  Let them get an ordinary job like the rest of us.  

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