Stand together and make a change Stop forced adoption and fostering

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As parents all we want to do is protect, love and try our best to be the parents we can be.

This is our happiness, our life so why do we allow local authorities to take our life away from us.

I am fighting for myself, I am fighting for you and every other parent that is grieving for a child that is still alive, a children ripped from our arms, ruining innocent families causing trauma, torture and emotional harm from the removal of the probability of the unknown that may never happen, parent alienation.

It'd the struggle like this that develop our strength. One decision. One change. One risk. One idea. That's a it takes.

We have gone through one of the hardest things in our life and that one change,has the potential to make a 100 per cent difference in your life.

Let's support, strengthen and encourage each other, somebody who saw more in you than anyone ever saw in you,fighting for our lives, we are parents and need to make a stand to stop innocent families ripped apart.

Stop the torture, torment and emotional harm.

Let's make a change, make a stand.

Unite as one, we are stronger together and have the power to make a change dor every parent suffering...let's save our children.

Words are power...voice of hope.. speak for those who can't...we have the power to make a change.

Violations and exploitations.

We're not ready to give up.

Never give up..we are parents and we fight..fight for you and your children's rights. Your human rights and family rights.

We have something no one else can give.

A voice where words are power lets be heard.

Let's put a stop to local authorities violation and exploitations of our rights and fight for our lives.

Let's not give up. Keep our heads up and hold on be strong and stand together as one people who unite as one are stronger to together lets try and make a change

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