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Mike Jeffries: Discontinue Use of Angora

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A recent undercover investigation shows unmistakenable cruelty toward agora rabbits.

"Not for the faint of heart, the video shows rabbits stretched out over wooden boards, their front and back legs tied together with rope and tethered in place. A worker then starts tearing out fistfuls of angora. The plucking speeds up – the worker is using both hands. Time is money. The ordeal won't stop until the rabbit is bare. When returned to their cages, some rabbits appear unable to move – they are scared stiff and in severe shock after this paralysing assault." - independent uk online article

China being the lead producer of angora (roughly 90%) supplies most of this industry. China is also known for their lack of animal protection laws so this abuse goes unpunished. Although these rabbits are not killed for their fur, their lives and suffering are no less than other animals who spent their entire lives in small dirty cages not protected by the elements and often surrounded by their own urine and feces. The fear, pain & psychological suffering these animals endure would make any human go insane.

As long as shoppers and companies continue to support and use angora hair in their products, these farms will continue to profit from them.


Help me urge Abercrombie to use a more compassionate substitute that doesn't require the fur of these gentle social creatures. Big clothing company H&M has already halted on these products in their stores, I urge you to do the same Mike.


Thank you.

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