J & L frosted treasure aka frosted treasures entertainment still hasnt refunded from July

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J & l frosted treasures, llc is owned and operated by jaime foutch, lisa foutch and tonya jones

 contact the ftc and give your information. If you have to ask for a SUPERVISOR please do.  Do not leave ANYTHING OUT

2023262222 to call them, which is better

 To do it online:

You will need this info

This is frosted treasures business phone number on record
(405) 923-9095

Owner: jaime foutch, lisa foutch and tonya jones
J&L Frosted Treasure, llc (registered as llc but never used it in their name)

Frostedtreasure dot com

(now frosted treasures with a 2nd company called  frosted boutique which was changed to frosted bow-teek)

4816 Kelly Lakes Dr.
Edmond, OK 73052

Attorney general

(405) 521-2029


Please take the time to pick up the phone and call the attorney general. Let's ring their phones and show them the damn pattern

Make sure you give all their info during the call and ask for a complaint form

When you get a response you have to respond to it




This company has already gone through over 145 CONSULTANTS because of their lies and deception. They have promised a 30 percent plus commision and then said if they have a sale consultants get 0. They decided to ALWAYS have a sale and pay 0. This is a breach of contract. They have used many email addresses to send and receive money. Pay to consulants had been paid by personal payment through paypal. 

Please go to these pages to verify what is said is TRUE




They are also deceiving customers by having told them many times that they have high end quality jewelry.  They have deceived customers by saying that they have their own jeweler that makes their jeweler right in edmond oklahoma. They have deceived customers by stating that their jewelry bombs have a retail value WAY HIGHER than the actual retail value  1 example is a ring that is on dreamland jewelry   they said to have a retail value of 185.00  



They could also be coming from here and they are EVEN CHEAPER



Dream land was asked and the retail value is 46.10.   J&l frosted treasures has said that their jewelry bombs have a RETAIL VALUE  of NO LESS THEN 100.00 and up to 10,000   we the people would like to see proof that this 10,000 ring exists  we would like to see how their JEWERLER came across these values   at this point we believe they do not have one and they are clearly deceiving people

They also promise items in 3 to 5 weeks.  Yes some customers get their items but many MORE DO NOT  there have been customers who after asking for their items have been cursed at, banned and blocked, and never received these items  

We the people are tired of 3rd party vendors and usps being blamed  for everything.  The idea is simple  dont sell something you dont easily have on hand   usps has been know to lose a couple of items and take a little longer to get things  our problem is that when you do not give us a tracking number, after being asked for it several times, and then saying they lost your stuff is deception.  Please understand when you make that label if the person has usps.com with text notifications they will receive the notification and see if it actually GOT LOST  

Customers are being told that they own a leggings company  that they are private label, customers believe that they are designed for them  this is not true.    They are cutting tags off when applicable and attaching their own. This i deception and we feel fraud

They have said over and over they do NOT GET THEIR ITEMS from china. They have again deceived. The items on their January 30th show are from lpearls based in china

We are asking to please shut this business down.

They have stolen thousand of dollars from customers by non delivery of the items    they keep telling customers their stuff is coming to be patient, blames 3rd party, usps and get people to wait over the 90 days, which is the time frame needed to no longer dispute the charges

Lisa foutch a co owner has a youtube channel under her wifes name tonya jones and has over 50 times introduced herself as tonya jones (not lisa foutch) has shown her income as tonya jones and not lisa foutch and this also is a form of fraud and identity theft



They email address for the business have changed a handful of times, and we can only assume that when they can no longer use one because of CHARGE backs they change to another.
We are asking that you step in, have every one refunded that needs to and to turn it over to the district attorney for criminal charges


Please help us to get justice for their wrong doings