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Stop constant low altitude jet approaches over Sunnyvale to San Jose airport

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Honorable Mike Honda and Anna Eshoo,

In last few months FAA made a major change in approach pattern to San Jose (SJC).   It has become impossible to go to sleep in Sunnyvale till nearly 11:30 with the SCREAMING heavy body aircraft flying about every 3 minutes low over our houses as direct result of this change.  This only happens because the FAA is making  SJC bound aircraft take a sharp U turn just before landing and forcing aircraft to fly a very narrow corridor essentially buzzing low over Sunnyvale houses. 

This is enough!     We demand the FAA fix the final approach turn point for this major airport be further out over the bay or over commercial areas and aircraft approach this final point from all directions.   It must be prime directive all area cities are to share low approach overflight noise burden EQUALLY.  Metric is with no more than 15 minutes between low altitude approach overflights flights so folks and children can get to sleep.

We also demand of FAA that aircraft noise monitoring equipment be install in Sunnyvale at way point being used to approach SJC.  This equipment to automatically log online accessible to all a report with each aircraft tail number/flight number and registered owner or airline noted.

We demand that Sunnyvale not be singled out grossly unfairly and Sunnyvale city be allowed to have voting representation at the FAA table!  Current situation that Sunnyvale Residents are taxed with aircraft burden but have no voice, no representation is so undemocratic and leads to severe problems!  Of course other bay area cities who have a seat are happy to send all the flights over Sunnyvale away from their city!   


Citizens of Sunnyvale


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