Stop constant low altitude jet approaches over Sunnyvale to San Jose airport

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Experts pointing out causes and possible solutions of excessive SJC aircraft noise.

Please Keep signatures coming on petition! We just at 1000! Having discussion yesterday with a local retired NASA aviation flight navigation safety expert on issues we are seeing, and detailed computer analysis of a FAA DDARS data by one of our most capable residents, it is becoming apparent the likely root cause is poorly designed RNAV tight turn (see red curve) into SJC leading to many pilot flying dirty and booting power to follow this demanding energy management profile. Since there is no active aircraft noise tracking, pilots will have no consequence in flying short time dirty on decent rather than just glide into SJC. 1. Only RNAV waypoints ARTAQ (in black) and WADVA or RERAE (in red) should be used when flying into SJC when winds blowing from south. This way the aircraft do not have to make noisy dirty turns over residential areas in their attempt to thread the precise RNAV navigation needle. 2. As done for other Bay area communities such as Woodside, aircraft noise tracking equipment shall be installed and aircraft owners face automatic penalty for noise excess of energy managed gliding profile during night time hours over residential areas. The composite attached has presently a tightly curving RNAV section over Sunnyvale that is giving us all the recent issues. Talking with a local retired NASA aviation flight navigation safety expert it is seems that most pilots for one thing are failing in aircraft energy management on this tight precision turning decent to SJC over Sunnyvale. He stated if flown per THEORY pilots should be actually gliding down. Not at all what we have observed., but residents have every few minutes when this route is active heard jets engines screaming, fighting noisily to fly some invisible path in the sky. As result not able to smoothly glide but more akin to a dune buggy plowing its way through the dunes with lots of drag and engines gunning, in their excessive powered flight to maintain that 3D path spiral to landing, the pilots are actually wasting huge energy, making huge noise. In reality they putting flaps down more , flying dirty and increasing power. Since so many were apparently performing so poorly over recent month, the RNAV profile expected by FAA has to be to largely to blame. The expert also pointed out that detailed analysis of each flights landing profile in FAA DDARS data will point out if pilots are flying noisy, with excessive power to overcome drag of flaps (dirty), which also means plane fly's slower, as their aircraft will be flying slightly irregular in decent and slower. Also, expert noted, pilots unless they are being monitored and penalized by ground noise monitoring equipment will fly dirty to maintain that flight profile just to get on the ground easily and satisfy bosses who who'll never be able to see if they spend a touch more fuel flying dirty on part of landing. Depending on weather it might beyond many pilots or aircraft to fly this RNAV curved profile without becoming very noisy or dirty. Having flight RNAV profiles like this is counter productive to goals of NEXTGEN, wastes money, fuel, creates huge sleep disrupting noise on those below, and contributes to global warming. Therefore after dark IMO all aircraft landing from bay side of SJC should enter RNAV route for SJC only at waypoint ARTAQ over the bay. There is plenty of space when wind is in this direction because then SFO flights nor any other airport is flying over this part of the bay. This allows pilots to get set up properly, fly cleanly, manage aircraft energy correctly in all weather, glide in, wasting less fuel and not disturb residents. Further, like was done for previous aircraft noise issues elsewhere in bay including Woodside, a place we would not think aircraft overflights were an issue, noise reporting equipment that tracks each plane should be placed in several locations in Sunnyvale.

Patrick Grant
4 years ago