We demand the resignation of United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz

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CEO Munoz responds to resignation calls

Since the last petition update, so much has changed, that it's hard to keep up! Our supporters have more than doubled from 30,000 signatures to an incredible 80,000. Thank you so much to everyone who signed and shared the petition with friends and family members. Our petition has been mentioned on BBC News, CNBC, the Telegraph, and others. CEO Oscar Munoz has responded to calls for his resignation, stating "No. I was hired to make United better and we've been doing that and that's what I'll continue to do." He's offered compromises including promising to not use police to remove passengers anymore. We've also learned a lot more about the victim. We learned that he is David Dao, a 69-year-old Vietnamese-American physician who is originally from Vietnam. We also learned that David is still in the hospital, having suffered a significant concussion, a broken nose, and two lost front teeth. His attorney even stated he will need to undergo reconstructive surgery. A lot has been written about what role race played in this incident. Many have argued that it's no mere coincidence that the David is an Asian American, and it's an issue that absolutely cannot go ignored. It would not be surprising at all if he was targeted based on his race, and I would recommend the articles "Why it Matters That the United Dragging Victim Is Asian" by Clio Chang and "Thanks to United Airlines, is flying while Asian something to fear?" by Steven W Thrasher for more information. Since starting this petition, I have also learned about other awful incidents involving United Airlines petition. One story stuck out in particular. Marianne Aguilar reached out to me and shared a painful incident involving her grandmother that I would like to share with you in the hope that United will review and change their policies and procedures when dealing with persons with disabilities, and discipline or train the employees involved in this incident. Two months ago in February, United Airlines refused to help Marianne's 94 year old grandma in a paid business class seat with simple tasks such as walking her to the lavatory and helping with food packaging, which are listed on United's website as services they can provide to semi-ambulatory passengers. Her daughter, who was sitting in economy because the family could only afford one business class ticket, offered to help since she was able to do so on the outbound flight. But United crew refused to allow her daughter to help. She was forced to move out of her business class seat, which her grandchildren had pooled money for so she can fully recline alleviating the severe neck pain. She spent the entire 16-hour flight in severe emotional distress and physical pain caused by the grossly negligent crew members’ conduct and United. When a complaint was filed, United claimed that the crew's recollection differed and that disability regulations were not broken. They gave the family $500 travel certificates which they never intend to use and are in the process of refunding them $860 (original ticket cost $3600). Humanity and compassion are lacking with this airline, who only obviously cares about their bottom line. I want to thank Marianne for sharing this painful incident. Please read Marianne's full story at the Facebook post found at http://bit.ly/unitedforgrandma, and share her story with others. Finally, I'm sorry if you contacted me but have not yet received a response. I am trying to get through each message one at a time. If you have an Asian perspective that you would like to share with others, please email me at ebelinski at protonmail dot com or DM me on Twitter @EugeneBelinski. Your friend, Eugene

Eugene Belinski
5 years ago