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Vandegrift Parking Solutions

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We would like to solve the issue with the lack of parking and the excessive parking fees that are accompanied with this issue. We propose a few solutions to this issue:

  1. We can make anyone who has purchased a parking pass since the date of January 2, 2017 park in the alternative parking lots located next to the baseball field and at Four Points Middle School. This can be accomplished by giving these students a different parking pass that designates them to that parking lot. This is due to the newfound lack of parking this semester
  2. We can open the band parking lot as an alternate parking lot that is a reasonable distance from the school. As far as a space for the band to practice on there is 3 football fields that would provide an alternate space for them.

Lastly we ask that any parking tickets given to students who have a parking pass for parking on the curb since the beginning of this semester be waived due to the lack of parking forcing students to park there. We are willing to negotiate these terms but are tired of simply being listened to with nothing ever being done as a result of the many complaints made by students.

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