Petition Closed

Roger Moore has served the City of Chillicothe, Ohio as Chief of Police since 2009 and prior to this service, as a Captain and other supervisory positions within the Chillicothe Police Department. During this service, he has worked hard to rid the city of illegal drugs and has made it safer for the citizens of Chillcothe.

Letter to
City of Chillicothe - Council President Chillicothe City Council President Eric Rinehart
City of Chillicothe - Safety Service Director Mike Green
Residents of Chillicothe, Ohio only:

The decision to remove Roger Moore as Chief of Police for the City of Chillicothe, Ohio is wrong. The discipline imposed was punitive in nature, did not follow the rules of progressive discipline and Mr. Moore was disciplined for actions that had already been addressed by Mayor Jack Everson but, were cited in the disciplinary hearing, i.e. the incident at the Cozy Inn was investigated and found to be no grounds for discipline. Also, the August 2013 incident involving the EEO Officer has also been investigated and again no wrong doing was found, although Mayor Everson hinted at a one day suspension. This has been well documented through articles published in the Chillicothe Gazette and reported by Columbus, Ohio news stations.

The action taken by Mayor Everson was wrong and should be overturned. Roger Moore should be reinstated to his position immediately.